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Denise Holland

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I possess three decades of experience in assisting patients with chronic pain, and I have mentored therapists like you to help you realize your full potential as confident practitioners.

I also help Massage therapists advance their skills by blending science and intuition without burning out their own light. Gain confidence in your knowledge and abilities and achieve outstanding results with your clients. Understanding your purpose in the field of healing arts for both self-growth and financial freedom.

I love to see you discover your hidden talents and bring your work to new heights. A little extra knowledge and training goes along way to boosting confidence and fulfillment out of your work.


Onsite Treatments

Our Massage Therapists and Osteopathic Medicine team are ready to help, if you live in the Calgary area. We specialize in unwinding the layers of inflammation, scar tissue and blockages that prevent a full recovery from injury and create chronic pain.

Manual Therapy involves more than a deep tissue massage or quick nervous system hack. We assess all layers of tissue and energy systems to ensure nothing gets left out of your treatment session.

Palpation Workshops/Courses

Palpation is a unique experience for each practitioner. It involves blending your knowledge and personal treatment style and listening to your client.
"Learning to trust your hands is not an easy task, you must learn how to shut off your conscious critical mind while you palpate for subtle changes" John Upledger

Unlock the full potential of your therapeutic practice by starting with our Biotensegrity Cupping mentorship course. Designed to expand your knowledge in the field and empower you with practical communication skills to articulate the benefits to your clients.

As a skilled Biotensegrity Therapist, you'll elevate your expertise and have clients delighted to pay more for the exceptional and tailored treatments you provide, creating a win-win for both practitioner and client satisfaction.


Level 1

Introduction to Biotesengrity Massage

Level 2

Confident Biotensegrity Assessment and Treatment

Level 3

Unwinding Chronic Pain and the power of Self Healing

Podcast and Events Guested

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Massage Therapy

Get the copy of Denise's free Intuitive Massage Guide

Unchain your Pain

A comprehensive guide to help your patients understand what causes chronic myofascial pain so they feel empowered to self manage their healing journey.

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You learn to follow a few fundamental principles and assessment techniques of advanced osteopathic medicine that build upon each other and flow together. As you understand how to create change in the tissues for a specific goal, your client will see long-term changes. When you feel stuck in your treatment delivery, each new principle you learn will give you a direction to give you flow in your sessions and answer questions that perplex your brain.  

Having clarity in your business can haunt you for years!  Through your training in the Biotensegrity program, you will be pushed to understand your own personal healing style. It’s through this awareness that your intuition will explode to new heights, which will give you a healing superpower. As you progress through the program, we mentor you to new treatment heights and coach you on achieving your personal business goals.

By the end of level 1, you will have the confidence to explain Biotensegrity to your clients and how to perform advanced techniques so you can speed up their results. As you begin to understand the language of the body, your understanding of your energy will begin to form. Becoming aware of your own superpower will shift you into alignment with your energy, sparking the energy within you as a healer. This course is designed to teach you how to improve your skills, but also how to self-assess your own needs so you can work without creating stress on your body.  


When you part with your hard-earned money, you should receive it back with interest. We will coach you to leave level 1 feeling confident to begin building a new philosophy of business and care. Not all therapists join a program to make more money; some want to invest in their growth. However, if you are concerned about the financing, we work with you very closely (through mentorship and coaching) on how to increase your prices based on your increasing assessment and treatment skills, so you are ready for your next step. Self-advocating your worth is complex in the health field, and even harder to save up for continuing education.

We offer 4 prep hours before class to ensure you get the most out of our class time and 6 weeks of post-course coaching to ensure you are implementing the material into your practice and ready for your next stage of growth. Our team is there to help you get your money's worth out of every module you choose to join us on.

As soon as you sign up, you will receive access to the pre-course videos to prepare you for a jam-packed on site workshop skill development. You must complete the 4-hour prep and exam before starting class to ensure you are well-prepared to get the most out of your time with us. The 2 day class is followed by 6 weeks of online coaching to ensure you are reaching your goals. Join now!

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