Pushing the boundaries of Biotensegrity through the science of ancient cupping

Denise Holland

Your Intuitive Mentor

Hey RMT’s…Ditch the Rocket Science, Embrace your Intuition!

Allow me to be your entrepreneurial ally in propelling your massage career and staying energetically charged in your passion for becoming a master of palpation, unwinding pain and building your clients back to health.

What makes me different? 

Here’s why my mentorship program works.

Have you been looking for that missing puzzle piece to bring your practice to new levels?

We teach you how to create a Biotensegrity massage that you can start today and we teach you why clients will be excited to pay you more for it!

How do I do that?

We go beyond the basics of cupping styles and techniques. We explore the world of Biotensegrity by listening to the layers of the tissues and responding to what the body is asking in order to heal itself.

We teach you a simple assessment that naturally sparks your intuition, giving you a healing superpower to blend all your knowledge and experience into your treatments.

What is the technique you use / What will I learn?

You learn to follow a few fundamental principles and assessment techniques of advanced osteopathic medicine that build upon each other and flow together. As you understand how to create change in the tissues for a specific goal, your client will see long-term changes. When you feel stuck in your treatment delivery, each new principle you learn will give you a direction to give you flow in your sessions and answer questions that perplex your brain.

Can I afford this program?


When you part with your hard-earned money, you should receive it back with interest. We will coach you to leave level 1 feeling confident to begin building a new philosophy of business and care. Not all therapists join a program to make more money; some want to invest in their growth. However, if you are concerned about the financing, we work with you very closely (through mentorship and coaching) on how to increase your prices based on your increasing assessment and treatment skills, so you are ready for your next step. Self-advocating your worth is complex in the health field, and even harder to save up for continuing education.

We offer 4 prep hours before class to ensure you get the most out of our class time and 6 weeks of post-course coaching to ensure you are implementing the material into your practice and ready for your next stage of growth. Our team is there to help you get your money's worth out of every module you choose to join us on.

My Online Courses

Our cupping course stands out from competitors in several key ways, making it a comprehensive and transformative experience for practitioners. Unlike traditional courses focusing solely on cupping techniques, we take a holistic approach beyond the basics. We teach you how to integrate tensegrity structure into your everyday massages, giving you the opportunity to save your body and begin your journey to advanced palpation skills.

Our courses are a blend of online prep courses to ensure your in-class time is packed with skill development to prepare you to advance your treatments the moment you head back to clinic.
As a teacher in the Massage Therapy Program, I understand how difficult it can be to learn new skills over a few days and hope to become a skilled practitioner, it takes slow learning, a lot of practice and a strong mentor. Our course does not end after you leave the classroom, we offer an additional 6 weeks of online mentor coaching to ensure you have integrated your skills and get over any speed bumps you may encounter.

Level 1 Biotensegrity cupping is the prerequisite for a certification as a NeuroRevivie practitioner. Each level builds upon each other allowing you time to integrate new techniques, body mechanics, business practices and intuition training to decide if applying for a NR certification is right for you.

After completing level 1, you will be able to identify layers in the body from bone tension, lymphatic stagnation, advanced fascia connections to advanced trigger point release. Level one is jam-packed with foundation skills that can be integrated into any RMT’s practice.

We offer extensive business training in level 5, but we don’t make you wait. It’s not easy to self-advocate your worth as a therapist as you gain experience and learn within a mentorship study, we help you build the confidence needed to charge more for your services and have your clients excited to be in the hands of a skilled practitioner.

Elevating your practice to new Heights

In level 1 we teach you how to palpate layers in the body, different types of inflammation, and begin listening to the body. In this class, we ramp up your listening skills through easy-to-apply assessment skills that can be integrated into the everyday massage. Learning a new technique can be fun and exciting; however, acquiring the skill to understand how to apply it in different clinical situations can be far more challenging.

We prioritize advancing your communication skills to strengthen the therapist-client connection. Gain confidence in articulating the benefits of your work, fostering a more profound understanding between your clients. Your newfound skills will enhance both your professional confidence and self-worth as a skilled massage therapist.

Biotensegrity isn’t just a term-it’s a profound understanding of how the entire body is intricately connected. We introduce you to the manual osteopathic approach to healing, becoming an osteopathic-informed massage therapist.

With a simple-to-use assessment of the full-body biotensegrity connections and a local assessment of tissues and joints, you will be equipped with the skills to integrate an osteopathic approach into your practice.

As you begin to see your client’s results shifting at a rapid pace, it’s only natural to feel excited to learn how to continue to clear their physical, and energetic blockages. The body continuously unwinds itself like a game of Jenga, and blockages surface at the most unexpected times. We introduce you to the cutting-edge concepts of NeuroRevive, as we unravel the intricate patterns contributing to chronic pain. Learn to systematically address and unwind these patterns to restore balance and vitality.

This course marks the awakening of your intuitive talents. You’ll become aware of your unique gifts through specialized exercises and guidance and learn how to harness them in your practice. Discover the profound impact of blending intuition with technique. Uncover the art of seamlessly blending theoretical knowledge with intuitive listening skills. Understand how to read the body’s messages and incorporate your intuitive insights into your therapeutic approach.

Explore how to incorporate other tools and techniques from your diverse range of learned courses. We guide you in making these tools uniquely yours, aligning them with your intuitive superpower for a genuinely personalized and impactful healing practice.

You will not only be proficient in unwinding chronic pain but also possess the skills to empower your clients on their self-healing journey. This course marks a significant milestone in your career as you refine your touch, embrace your intuitive talents, and master the art of harmonizing theory and practice.

As you progress, you will notice an increasing demand from your clients for exercises and homecare to rebuild their bodies and sustain the transformative results you have helped them achieve.

Move beyond pain relief to focus on building strength and functionality. We teach you strategies to help clients sustain the positive results of your intervention. Providing effective treatments and exercises is fundamental, but we teach you how to empower your clients to participate actively in their well-being journey. Many clients seek guidance on exercises and often require ongoing support and motivation to stay committed.

This course focuses on the importance of incorporating health coaching into your practice, going beyond the exercises you learn, and guiding and supporting clients to implement these practices into their daily lives. Here, you will be provided with valuable resources to enhance your coaching skills, equipping you to effectively communicate the significance of self managing your health.

We prepare you for Level 5, where you begin to create a plan for your long-term massage career and choose how you will ensure a long career without damaging your body while earning an income that resonates with your skills and hard work and dedication to the practice.
When you see unprecedented results with your clients, it’s easy to feel confident in your work and value.

Putting it all together; get paid your worth.

Anatomy Review


Level 1: Introduction to Biotesengrity Massage


Level 2: Confident Biotensegrity Assessment and Treatment


Coming Soon

Level 3: Unwinding Chronic Pain and the power of Self Healing


Coming Soon

Level 4: Rebuilding your Client’s strength


Coming Soon

Level 5: Business Mastery


Coming Soon

Courses Schedule

Level 1 2024

Level 2 2024

Calgary Alberta, Canada

April 27-28 FULL
June 22-23

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Toronto Ontario, Canada

June 16 2024

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Calgary Alberta, Canada

July 7-8
Sept 22-23

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Toronto Ontario, Canada

September 15 2024

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

CEU Approved

(Continuing Education Credits)

Do you need the program pre-approved?

MTAA (Alberta)

20 Primary Credits

CRMTA (Alberta)  20 Primary Credits

CMMOTA (Alberta)

20 Primary Credits

If you would like your association to approve credits, please email Denise at info@deniseholland.ca

As your mentor, I aim to inspire the spark inside you that makes your professional growth surpass your expectations. Our team loves watching you become aware of your intuitive superpower as a healer and build a business that aligns with your talents, skills, and desire to grow. Your success is our success!

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What Clients Say


I have started the neuro revive course Denise has made. I have to say I am so impressed with this unique approach of our practice as massage therapists and the progressive results that come with her specialized techniques. I notice so much great responsiveness to the work I'm doing on a client, and they notice it too! I have had many individuals say they have never had a massage like mine and I released areas no ones ever been able to get to before. Everyone comes out of the massage feeling "so good and relaxed", is word for word what I hear.

Sandra RMT Ontario

Working with Denise has been such a fun journey, she has a talent for making you feel heard and understood with genuine connection. She has a wealth of knowledge for teaching and diagnostics, but what stands out is her ability to tap into unspoken words like she has a direct line of communication to your soul. As a fellow RMT she teaches me so much about the field, as a mentor she gives me confidence, and as a therapist, her treatments truly blend you to connect within your own healing power. Keep rocking girl!

Vince Medelco Rep

Denise Cameron is the most thought-provoking therapist I have ever worked with. Her ambition of knowledge, inquisitive nature, and ability to utilize the answers she finds has made her a leader in her field, a highly sought-after therapist, and a resource for many. Shockwave therapy has enjoyed the achievement of critical mass in the rehabilitation field, but many therapists under-utilize the modality. Denise understands how the modality operates in conjunction with the patient’s body; how it operates in conjunction with other modalities; and enables the therapist to maximize the therapeutic outcome. A course offered by Denise which teaches the modality of Shockwave will not just learn about shockwave. Any student of her course will graduate with a better understanding of the art and science of patient care, and learn a great deal about his or her own practice. The addition of this knowledge will have an exponential increase in his or her practice.

Intuition Interview

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Still Shining Bright in Massage Therapy

The secret to pursuing a passion in your career is being aware of what sparks your energy and keeps it burning bright.

It’s easy to lose your enthusiasm as a healer when you don’t know the path to success, second guess your skills, and are not seeing long-lasting results. Comparing yourself to others, wondering if you have what it takes or if the next course will finally give you the “secret to pain relief.”

The secret is simple: It’s not rocket science; it’s the bridge between science and intuition. Know what you are feeling, know what the body is doing, and, more importantly, what it is asking for. Know how to listen to the body!

I took every course in the book, made many mistakes, and spent too much money. Now, I am passionate about helping my clients succeed and helping as many people as possible.

Understand YOUR VALUE

Massage Therapists are expected to take courses, but nobody is giving you a raise for your hard work and dedication. It’s hard to charge what you are worth when every other therapist around you is taking courses and still offering discounts.

As your mentor, it’s my job to help you recognize the value you bring to your clients and feel confident to charge more for the unique talent you bring to the table. If you don’t know your talent, I will bring that to your awareness.

Every therapist has a superpower, but very few have a mentor who has the wisdom to pull it out of you.

Earn Extra Income

Increase your earning potential. Our cutting-edge solutions are designed to propel your success in the industry, providing you with the tools and strategies needed to maximize your revenue. Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your career to new heights – join us today!

Save your Body

Discover the secret to incredible care without sacrificing your body! With our revolutionary techniques, you'll learn how to save energy while delivering exceptional service. Say goodbye to exhaustion and hello to a whole new level of excellence. Don't miss out on this opportunity, sign up now!.

Better Palpation

We don't just show you how to add a modality, we offer exercises to take your skills to the next level! Cupping for the RMT, is like the digital camera to the photographer.

Gain Confidence

Advancing palpation skills, increased knowledge in the profession, and gaining faster better results will lead you to soar your confidence.

When can I start?

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