Level 1: Introduction to Biotesengrity Massage

Our cupping course stands out from competitors in several key ways, making it a comprehensive and transformative experience for practitioners. Unlike traditional courses focusing solely on cupping techniques, we take a holistic approach beyond the basics. We teach you how to integrate tensegrity structure into your everyday massages, giving you the opportunity to save your body and begin your journey to advanced palpation skills.

Our courses are a blend of online prep courses to ensure your in-class time is packed with skill development to prepare you to advance your treatments the moment you head back to clinic.
As a teacher in the Massage Therapy Program, I understand how difficult it can be to learn new skills over a few days and hope to become a skilled practitioner, it takes slow learning, a lot of practice and a strong mentor. Our course does not end after you leave the classroom, we offer an additional 6 weeks of online mentor coaching to ensure you have integrated your skills and get over any speed bumps you may encounter.

Level 1 Biotensegrity cupping is the prerequisite for a certification as a NeuroRevivie practitioner. Each level builds upon each other allowing you time to integrate new techniques, body mechanics, business practices and intuition training to decide if applying for a NR certification is right for you.

After completing level 1, you will be able to identify layers in the body from bone tension, lymphatic stagnation, advanced fascia connections to advanced trigger point release. Level one is jam-packed with foundation skills that can be integrated into any RMT’s practice.

We offer extensive business training in level 5, but we don’t make you wait. It’s not easy to self-advocate your worth as a therapist as you gain experience and learn within a mentorship study, we help you build the confidence needed to charge more for your services and have your clients excited to be in the hands of a skilled practitioner.

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